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Psychic readings

I battled with myself whether to include psychic readings on my website. But in the end, I decided to do so. I’m essentially a healer and sometimes people can be helped and move on with their lives by something other than homeopathy.

My grandmother was a psychic medium. After I had already started studying homeopathy I found a green book in her old basement. The book had recordings of her contact with myself before I was born. In the book I said that in this life I would be a doctor, but not a doctor like you think of doctors. I said I had been taught how to help the soul together with the body and that I was able to bring that information down with me.


I believe that we are all psychic but most people simply don’t listen or pay attention to these subtle signs and messages that come to us every day.


My readings seem to be helpful to people when they need clarity in their life if they are in crossroads and need to make a decision. I don’t give advice, I don’t tell what to do. I simply show the options. Sometimes a soul that has passed away makes contact through me with a message. All readings are different. Sometimes I just connect and talk, sometimes I use a deck of cards.


You can book a reading for half an hour or an hour.

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